Featured Hotels in Guatemala

Refer to our Featured Guatemala Hotels to find detailed information about the best Guatemala hotels. These same hotels are preferably used in our custom vacation packages, where clients of Enjoy Guatemala receive special attention and prestige. The featured hotels we list are selected for quality of service, charm, location, amenities and price/value ratio. Or book the Best Hotels in Guatemala directly from our selection on each featured hotel page via the floating Book Hotel Here button!

Hotel Atitlan, Panajachel

The Hotel Atitlan is among the finest hotels in all of Guatemala. It is a luxury getaway along...

Hotel Villa Caribe, Livingston

All rooms at Hotel Villa Caribe have balcony and panoramic views of the sea and the river.

Hotel Stofella, Guatemala City

Located in the heart of the Zona Viva’s most exclusive area, ideal for business and leisure t...

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