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Livingston, Guatemala Vacation Guide

Livingston is a small village located where Rio Dulce winds its way to the coast and meets the Atlantic Ocean. Even though it is not as popular as other attractions in Guatemala, Livingston is of great cultural importance due to the African-descendant population that lives here – the Garifuna. Besides that, the village is well known for its Caribbean lifestyle: coconuts, seafood, palm trees and ocean breeze.

Only reachable by boat, Livingston is an off the beaten path destination that not everyone gets to see. Visitors that make it to this remote village are usually culture and nature lovers. You will be amazed by the natural scenery that surrounds the way to Livingston. A thrilling boat ride will take you through the stunning water canal of Rio Dulce, a unique natural sanctuary! This is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Caribbean Coast and to immerse in the cultural diversity that Guatemala represents.

Things to do in Livingston

Visiting Livingston

Livingston was first inhabited during the 19th century. A raft full of people from Haiti were seeking refuge from its rivals and decided to settle on the Caribbean Coast of Central America. Since then Livingston is the only place in our country that hosts one of the most important ethnic groups: the Garifuna. The small village also served as a major port for decades since it was relevant due to its strategical position. Sailors could easily shelter in Livingston during the storms that agitated the Caribbean Sea, therefore the village has been populated throughout history.

The mix of Maya and Garifuna cultures make Livingston a unique place that you cannot miss during your vacation in Guatemala. This quirky village is a magnificent destination for culture and history lovers. The town's relaxing atmosphere makes it the perfect place for any vacationer to unwind and simply enjoy life.

Livingston tours to other destinations near by

Puerto Barrios
Where the most important commercial port in the country is located. Several cruises arrive in Puerto Barrios and the town also serves as the gateway to any excursion you want to make in the area. The Caribbean Coast of Guatemala invites visitors to fully enjoy nature alongside the biggest lake in the country and the Caribbean Sea.

Río Dulce
A stunning water canal that hosts an immense amount of flora and fauna that will inspire your senses! Rio Dulce merges water ecosystems, mangroves and a big concentration of bird species. The perfect scenario for nature lovers! Take a boat trip through the marvels of the Caribbean Sea and discover the hidden treasures along the way.

A small blue paradise is within a short distance from Livingston. Belize is well known for its eco-tourism and unspoiled nature. Our neighboring country offers a big amount of cultural and outside activities. Belize is indeed the perfect add up to your vacation in Central America!

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Livingston Map and Location

Livingston is 230km / 140mi from Guatemala City. You first take the highway to the Atlantic until you reach Rio Dulce or Puerto Barrios. From there on, you take a boat that will drive you through the stunning canal of Rio Dulce until Livingston.

Livingston, Izabal

Eastern Guatemala
Population: 17,000
Elevation: 1 m/3,28 ft