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Natural Park Ixpanpajul Vacation Guide

Ixpanpajul is centrally located in the heart of the Mayan tropical jungle. It is a popular Guatemala destination for adventurers that want to have fun in the nature. The Natural Park Ixpanpajul creates a great balance between adrenaline and a natural environment. The type of adventure activities you expect to find in Ixpanpajul include zip line, trekking paths, hanging bridges, night-time canopy and much more.

Ixpanpajul Attractions and Activities

Discover Ixpanpajul

Ixpanpajul covers 9km/5,6mi of subtropical rain forest and spectacular views over Lake Peten Itza. The Natural Park Ixpanpajul hosts a big concentration of flora and fauna: over 200 tree species, 150 bird species and 40 different mammals. This is an ideal excursion to immerse in Guatemala's nature. 

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Just 15 minutes away from Ixpanpajul, Flores lays at the border of Lake Peten Itza giving the island a charming location perfect to relax before or after your adventure in Guatemala's jungle. The island's reputation as the gateway to all possible archaeological sites in Peten is sustained with a big concentration of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Tikal is listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. It was Guatemala's most important Mayan City and harbors a lot of history in their temples, plazas and stealae. Tikal is a sanctuary of flora and fauna that gives you the opportunity to travel back in time and enjoy the vivid memory of the Maya, one of the biggest civilizations in world's history.

Crater Azul
One of the hidden treasures of Peten's jungle is Crater Azul. Part of the crystal water creeks of the area, Crater Azul offers an incredible experience. The water is so clear that you can appreciate the underwater garden and refresh from hot weather of Guatemalan Lowlands.

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Location and Map

Ixpanpajul is 468km/290mi away from Guatemala City. You can settle in Flores and make a one-day excursion to the Natural Park. The transfer from Guatemala City to the department of Peten takes about 8 hours with ground transportation or you can take a 45 minute flight and arrive in Flores.

Ixpanpajul, Peten

Northern Guatemala
Elevation: 300 m / 984 ft