Best places to visit in Guatemala

Guatemala Must See

It is time to go to Guatemala, a Central American country in southern Mexico and also bordering with Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Its strong indigenous culture and the beautiful natural places in Guatemala with its many volcanoes make it an exciting destination. You will find heavily forested and mountainous Guatemala destinations, Colonial Cities, lakes, volcanoes, rain forests, Indian markets, orchids and exotic birds, and many other animals. Large parts of Guatemalan’s are either Maya or of mixed Amerindian-Hispanic origin.

The best places to visit in Guatemala are the Mayan Ruins in Tikal, the Colonial City of Antigua, the Atitlan Lake, the market in Chichicastenango and the Capital Guatemala City.

Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala is one of the world's most intact colonial cities – it is a small but captivating town which may make you feel time might have stopped some 300 years ago. From its colonial architecture to its beautiful surroundings there is always something to discover. Strolling through town on the cobblestone streets, you will experience the splendors of ancient times! Antigua Guatemala is certainly the most famous place in Guatemala among all destinations. There are many café’s and charming stores which invite to stop and linger.

Tikal is believed to be one of the most spiritually powerful spots on earth. The monumental site with its towering pyramids looms out of the thick rain forest like stoic sentinels of ancient mysteries. It once was a metropolis of more than 100,000 inhabitants and the seat of power for the great Jaguar clan lords. Nowadays it attracts archeologists from all around the globe and the wildlife surrounding the ruins makes it a naturalist's dream. Because of its importance and magnificent combination of nature and archaeological remains, Tikal has been declared a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Lake Atitlan
Another beautiful place in Guatemala is Lake Atitlan with its surrounding volcanoes and villages. The area around Lake Atitlan is it one of the best places to visit in Guatemala to be introduced to its indigenous culture. But it is also a great region for adventure sports. Travelers can take cruises on the lake, visit Mayan villages and practice adventure sports such as volcano hikes, horseback riding, and mountain biking and kayaking. The lake is not just popular with international tourists, but also with local Guatemalans.

Chichicastenango is home to one of the most colorful native markets in the Americas, that you must include it in your Guatemala itinerary. A small and stucco-white town, lying on the crests of mountaintops at an altitude of 1,965 meters offers a unique and authentic experience every Thursday and Sunday when the market is held.

Guatemala City
Guatemala's capital city is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Central America. Fast paced and vibrant it is a wonderful blend of old and new and possesses a distinct Latin charm. Today, Guatemala City has more than two million inhabitants and offers everything a large metropolis has to offer, including shopping malls and excellent restaurants. Its location, facilities and the International Airport "La Aurora" make it the starting point for all places to visit in Guatemala.

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Location and Map

Guatemala is located in Central America with entrance to the Pacific coast and the Caribbean Sea. Its neighbors are Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The main international airport is in Guatemala City (GUA) and there is another international airport in Flores, Peten (FRS).