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Coban Travel Guide

Coban, located in the area of Alta Verapaz is very rich in flora and fauna. Lots of lakes, mountains and waterfalls can be found throughout the road. A perfect place to enjoy eco-tourism, Coban will offer you a big concentration of natural reserves, cave systems and rain forests.

Try the typical dish of the region: Kak'ik, a red soup-stew with turkey and "tamalitos", which is corn dough wrapped in dried banana leaves. Deemed as an intangible cultural heritage, this tasty dish full of spices will activate you sense of taste.

Things to do in Coban

Visiting Coban

Coban has earned popularity because of its quality coffee and cardamom. It has a humid and chilly weather, a perfect combination for you to relax and enjoy nature at its best. Also a great place for the adventurers, here you can practice rafting in Rio Cahabon, hiking for all levels, canopy and swimming in the unique natural pools this area treasures.

Silver and textiles are their specialties and you will find lots of local shops where you can appreciate their art. Find the real magic in the towns that surround Coban, together with the beautiful natural reserves that will take your breath away.

Coban tours to other destinations near by

Semuc Champey
Located around two hours away from Coban, Semuc Champey is famous because of the pools along the surface of Cahabon's River. This magic place contains a concentration of turquoise waters in the middle of nowhere, fed by the River and the mountain mineral springs. Perfect for you to refresh yourself after hiking all the way up to the viewing platform for a stunning landscape of the rain forest.

Lachua Lagoon
One of Guatemala's most magnificent natural beauties, the Lachua Lagoon is located three hours away from Coban's center. Walk around 4km/2.50mi through the thick rain forest full of toucans, snakes, butterflies and many other types of animals. Enjoy the pleasure of outdoor activities in this mirror of the sky.

Cuevas de Candelaria
Candelaria Caves National Park consists in a cave system in which groundwater from Rio Canderlaria flows. One of the biggest and most impressive natural reserves in Latin America was once an important site of pilgrimage for the Maya civilization. The community of the area supports the eco-tourism and will offer lots of activities for you to become part of and get to explore these stunning caves.

Shopping in Coban

On the backside of Coban's Palace lays the Handicraft market of the town. Shop during the weekend and you will appreciate local products and handmade artefacts especially from the region and from all over Guatemala as well.

Museums, architectonical and natural treasures

El Calvario
Symbol of tradition and culture, this neo-classic architectonic piece leads you to the top of a hill to enjoy a panoramic view of Coban and the nature that surrounds it.

Museo Principe Maya
This is a private museum that treasures Mayan art and offers information about history and culture. Discarding the fact that is a small museum, Principe Maya exposes a real concentration of Mayan culture and traditions.

Hun Nal Ye
Hun Nal Ye is an eco-park that offers all types of activities enjoyable to everyone. These activities include walks through the rain forest, swimming in the turquoise waters of the area, canopying, tubing and more. It is easy to have fun enjoying nature at its best!

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Coban Map and Location

Located among forests and mountains that guard some of the most important Guatemala's treasures: Monja Blanca (National flower) and El Quetzal (National bird), Coban is four hours away from Guatemala City and about 221 km/138 mi from the International Airport (GUA).

Coban, Alta Verapaz

Northern Guatemala
Population: 212,000
Elevation: 1,320 m/4,330 ft