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Cuenca El Mirador Guatemala Vacation Guide

Cuenca El Mirador is an ancient Mayan city which was occupied from 800 - 400AC. It was the main city during the pre classic period (1,500 BCE) hosting thousands of people. Covering an area of 26km2/17mi2, Cuenca El Mirador counts with several small cities in the vicinity with triadic structures, a big concentration of mascarones (stone masks honoring mythological beings, meant to protect the constructions in which they were built), a complex system of stone roads that connected several buildings and cities of the area, ball game courts and palaces. An additional feature is the nature that surrounds this magnificent ancient city. You will find yourself encompassed by Guatemala's thick jungle, jaguars, cougars, deers, lizards and hundreds of different bird species.

Cuenca El Mirador Attractions and Activities

Discover Cuenca El Mirador

If you like the adventure, the trek in the Guatemalan jungle to reach El Mirador will thrill you! You will embrace in a long 5-day trip of 37 km/ 23mi from Carmelita (one of the most antique towns in Peten) to El Mirador. Between Carmelita and El Mirador you will be able to visit different ancient Mayan cities that were part of the big network of Cuenca El Mirador. A local guide will come along to make sure the correct track is being followed.

Another alternative to reach El Mirador is to take a 30 minute flight departing from the International Airport Mundo Maya. Regardless of the option you choose, you'll be rewarded with 100% pure nature and an unforgettable experience in Peten's tropical jungle.

Excursions from El Mirador to other destinations near by

Flores is one of the most colorful islands of the world and the gateway to Guatemalan's most stunning archaeological sites. This attractive village hosts several restaurants, cafés, bars and a is ideal to know people from all over the world. Relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Lake Peten Itza before or after your adventure in Guatemala's jungle. Flores invites visitors to to unwind and simply enjoy life.

Tikal is one of the three World Heritage sites Guatemala hosts. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this stunning archaeological site during your stay in Peten. Tikal was one of the most important cities during the Classic period (booming time) of the Mayan civilization. The wide range of pyramids and stelae Tikal hosts have made great impression upon many people for decades.

One of the oldest Mayan cities is located just 23km/15mi from Tikal National Park. Uaxactun was founded 500BCE and was occupied during a period of 1,400 years. The astronomical commemoration compound is the highlight of Uaxactun since it was the first one of its kind discovered in any Mayan city. Visit the impressive 2,000 year old buildings left by one of the most advanced civilizations of the world, the Maya.

Architectonical treasures

La Danta
La Danta is the most emblematic and representative piece of architecture built by the Maya. With a height of 75m/247ft and 8km2/5mi2 is the biggest construction of the ancient world. Its artistic majesty, longevity and massive dimensions makes La Danta a real icon of the Mayan culture. Tourists seeking a different experience come to El Mirador and are fascinated by the unique and breathtaking views that can only be appreciated from the top of La Danta.

El Tintal
Easily accessible on the trek to El Mirador, El Tintal was an important city which harbored the political elite of the Maya around 800BCE. The inhabitants of El Tintal created an impressive road system that also worked as a channel to retain water, which was necessary because of their geographic position in the jungle. El Tintal is a special treat that you won't miss if you embrace the trekking adventure of Cuenca El Mirador.

Located 13km/8mi from El Mirador, Nakbe is one of the firsts Mayan cities ever built. It had an important trading system and is believed that it was a city of artisans. A series of mascarones (giant stone masks) representing an important character of the sacred book Popol Vuh can be found in Nakbe. Another archaeological site on your way to El Mirador that will inspire your senses!

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Location and Map

Located in the Lowlands of Guatemala, Cuenca El Mirador is reachable in a 5 day trekking in Guatemalan's jungle. Another alternative is to take an helicopter flight from Flores that will bring you to El Mirador in 45 minutes.

Cuenca El Mirador, Peten

Northern Guatemala
Population: approximately 200,000
Elevation: 150 m/ 492 ft