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Tak'alik Ab'aj Guatemala Vacation Guide

Located in the Southern part of Guatemala, Takalik Abaj was an important Mayan trading city that left unique remains in which you can appreciate the merging of two cultures: the Maya and the Olmec culture.

Because of its location, the inhabitants of Takalik Abaj used a different material to build their constructions. In contrast with the material used in the Lowlands of Guatemala (limestone), the Maya of the coastal region took advantage of river stones. They used this material to avoid the degradation of their buildings. The Takalik Abaj also carved these giant stones to create different sculptures and monuments representing particular scenes and characters. This artistic style comes from the Olmec culture, a notorious influence that can only be found in Tak'alik Ab'aj.

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Tak'alik Ab'aj Attractions and Activities

Discover Tak'alik Ab'Aj

Tak'alik Ab'aj, one of the best mayan ruins in Guatemala, means “standing stone” in Mayan language K'iche'. The impressive archaeological site hosts a ball game court, an astronomical observatory, several plazas, natural terraces and a stunning water control system: the starting point of the hydraulic engineering. The development of these prehispanic drainage canals, and the Olmec culture influence, makes Tak'alik Ab'aj an important and interesting mayan ruins that you cannot miss during your stay in Guatemalan Pacific Coast.

Excursions from Tak'alik Ab'Aj to other destinations near by

IRTRA – Xetulul and Xocomil Amusement Parks
These amusement parks are one hour away from Tak'alik Ab'aj and offer plenty of attractions for the whole family. Xocomil is a water park perfect to refresh form the hot weather of Guatemalan Pacific Coast. Xetulul on is a theme park that has exact replicas of different monuments from all over the world.

Xela is one of Guatemala's most charming destination as it offers stunning volcano scenery, chilly weather, historical buildings and plenty of cultural activities. Xela is the second largest city of our country, a very lively and vibrant destination that you cannot miss during your visit in Guatemalan highlands.

Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan is the largest lake in Guatemala and attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Called "the most beautiful lake of the world" Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three volcanoes and 14 small towns. The local Mayas conserve their own traditions and regional clothing, making Lake Atitlan a perfect place to merge with our vivid culture. The unique scenery and the peaceful atmosphere will inspire your senses!

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Tak'alik Ab'aj Map and Location

Tak'alik Ab'aj is located in the southwest of Guatemala in the Retalhuleu department. Approximately 190km / 120mi away from Guatemala City. Retalhuleu also has its own Airport, making your transfer to the South of Guatemala faster and easier.

Tak'alik Ab'aj, Retalhuleu

Southwestern Guatemala
Population: unknown
Elevation: 232 m/760 ft