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Caribbean Coast, Guatemala Vacation Guide

The tropical beauty of Guatemala's Caribbean Coast is something that you need to experience while you visit our country. The Caribbean coast includes a few hotels and many restaurants, plenty of outdoor activities and an interesting mix of histories and heritages.

The Caribbean Coast of Guatemala is relatively short. It includes a coastline of palm trees, blue-green waters and coral reefs. This area of Guatemala is very laid back and the region is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy your vacation in Guatemala.

Attractions and Activities

Discover the Caribbean Coast

Izabal is the gateway to the Caribbean Coast where stunning vegetation can be found. It is near the biggest lake in the country, Lake Izabal. With its hot sun, the breeze from the sea, and the Caribbean humidity, this large area concentrates the essence of the Caribbean.

Excursions to destinations near by

Puerto Barrios
Puerto Barrios is a convenient base for tours in the region. Boats depart from here to Livingston and Belize. It is the capital of Izabal and offers amazing natural reserves like Cerro San Gil and the Refuge of Wildlife of Manabique. It is also a great place to practice eco-tourism and adventure sports.

Rio Dulce
Located between Lake Izabal and Amatique Bay, it is one of the first protected areas in the country because of its massive flora and fauna. In the very entrance to Rio Dulce, you will find Guatemala's largest bridge with a height of 45 m/ 148 ft and a length of 1,563 m/5,128 ft.

Livingston is a charming town located at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. Livingstone is a unique area in Guatemala since it is where the Garifuna, Hispanic and Mayan culture mixed together. It is here that Garifuna are conserving the gist of their culture.

Nature and beaches

Punta de Palma
Very close to Puerto Barrios, Punta de Palma is a not so crowded beach that offers plenty of water sports like sailing, fishing, diving and kayak. It is a small paradise that fills their nights with reggae and tropical rhythms.

Playa Blanca
A tropical paradise is awaiting you. White sand, crystal clear waters, sun and palm trees make it the perfect combination for you to relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Guatemala.

Las Escobas Tropical Forest Trail
Activate your senses wandering through real nature. The trial of the tropical forest in Las Escobas guarantees joy for you and your family. Walk through multiple bridges and meditation platforms. Enjoy the ponds and waterfalls that emanate from Las Escobas River.

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Caribbean Coast Map and Location

The Caribbean Coast is boarded to the north by Belize and to the northeast by Gulf of Honduras. It is 265 km/164 mi from Guatemala City and the drive takes about five hours.

Caribbean Coast, Izabal

Eastern Guatemala
Population: 430,000
Elevation: 1m (3ft) - 18m (60ft)