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Aguateca, Guatemala Vacation Guide

Aguateca is an adventurous destination deep in the rain forest of Guatemala. Embark on an hour boat trip until you reach this ancient Mayan kingdom. This is a memorable experience that will take your breath away. You will travel via The Pasion River which is one of the most interesting combinations of waterways, natural beauty and archaeological interest.

In Aguateca visitors will find important archaeological sites that flourished during the Classical Period of the Mayan civilization and which are under protection as Cultural Monuments. In the same area of the Pasion River in the department of Peten in Guatemala, you can find more Mayan sites from the same period. The Pasion River basin contains a number of sites of other pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization which include Dos Pilas, Tamarindito, Altar de Sacrificios, Machaquila and El Ceibal, which was the largest Mayan city in this are area of Guatemala.

Attractions and Activities

Discover Aguateca

Based on studies, this city was an elite residential area. It was completely abandoned and left unfinished; the city center was destroyed by a fire which makes it an even more interesting site to visit. Aguatecas' ruins are considered to be the best preserved in the country. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this stunning and mystical place in the jungle of Guatemala.

Excursions from Aguateca to other destinations near by

Yaxcha Lagoon
Yaxcha is a beautiful lagoon surrounded by the vast jungle of the Peten. The biggest attraction of the lagoon is the ceremonial center and city of the Maya civilization that settled in this magical spot of the jungle. You can find more than 500 structures in the impressive environment of Yaxcha.

El Mirador
Visit the biggest pyramid of the Mayan world located in the middle of Guatemala's jungle. You can reach La Danta by helicopter, or hike through the jungle for five days and discover this archaeological treasure of one of the most impressive ancient civilizations: the Maya.

The picturesque town of Peten is always worth to visit. Being the gateway for most of the excursions to the Peten jungle and Mayan ruins, this small town hosts a big concentration of hotels, restaurants and pubs. It is an ideal town to relax before or after your adventure in the Mayan World.

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Location and Map

Aguateca is located in the North of Guatemala, and to the West of the Peten jungle. You will need to take a boat trip through the Petexbatun lagoon, which is in the Southwestern Guatemalan lowlands. It is approx. 500km / 310mi away from Guatemala City. You can either take a 40 minutes flight, or a ground transfer of about 10 hours.

Aguateca, Peten

Petexbatun Basin
Population: unknown
Elevation: 90m/ 295ft