Guatemala Volcanoes

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Guatemala Volcanoes

Being the initial part of a volcano chain that extends through Central America Guatemala has a rich concentration of volcanoes and mountains. The Central American volcanic ridge runs parallel to the Pacific coast from Guatemala to Panama. It includes several lava domes, cinder cones and stratovolcanoes. Guatemala hosts two of the tallest volcanoes of this chain: Tacana and Tajumulco, both standing over 3,900m / 12,795ft above sea level.

Guatemala is one of a few places in the world were three tectonic plates converge. This makes it a unique destination with exciting adventure activities. Climb one of Guatemala’s amazing volcanic mountains. Stark silhouettes rise above the highlands and will give you amazing vistas that you need to experience at least once in a lifetime!

Main Volcanoes in Guatemala

Agua, Fuego & Acatenango
These three volcanoes are the guardians of the beautiful colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO world heritage. Being the most photographed peaks of the country, they offer staggering landscapes as well as hiking opportunities for all levels. The giants of the Colonial Guatemala will fascinate you at first sight!

Located to the southwest of Guatemala City, Pacaya is one of the youngest peaks and also the most recommendable because of its easy hiking level. Active and unpredictable, this volcano is a constant show of ash clouds and lava flow. Visitors can hike almost up to the cone and gain incredible views of the flowing lava.

Toliman, Atitlan & San Pedro
85,000 years ago a massive eruption created a huge crater in the Highlands of Guatemala. Today it is filled with blue water and called Lake Atitlan. Continuing volcanic activity created these three volcanoes in the caldera and they surround what is today, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The combination of blue water, volcanoes and mountains makes this place one of the nicest scenic highlights of Guatemala.

Santa Maria & Santiaguito
Located in the western Highlands of Guatemala, Santa Maria is another impressive peak that remains active. It erupted in 1902, resulting in one of the worst volcanic catastrophes of the 20th century. A group of four lava domes emerged from the scar this natural disaster left and they've been growing ever since. Santiaguito is the youngest one of them and the only active. With the lovely backdrop of Quetzaltenango and the high possibilities to catch a glimpse of the explosive activity of these peaks, visiting Santa Maria makes for an exciting adventure.