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Antigua, Guatemala Travel Guide

Antigua Guatemala is among the best conserved colonial cities in the world, making it one of the most charming destinations in Central America. This old city contains magnificent examples of colonial architecture. You will enjoy the aura of the ancient times during your stay in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

Colonial history is always present in Antigua Guatemala. Baroque-style monumental buildings and ruins have survived on the cobblestone streets; you will also see plazas with fountains and stunning cathedrals. Combining a bit of everything, Antigua Guatemala offers an outstanding variety of international and local cuisine, cafés, bars and museums for you to explore. This picturesque town is welcoming people from all over the world during the whole year, with its perfect climate and active cultural life.

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Visiting Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala as a town is a museum of the Spanish colonial history with an amazing Baroque influence. Its architecture is a work of art to admire; each corner of this stunning old town will take your breath away. Because of its geographic position, the construction of the houses and buildings needed to be strong to protect against natural disasters. Every building uses thick walls and columns made of stone which is the reason they are incredibly well-preserved.

This old city is guarded by the most photographed volcanoes in Guatemala: Agua Volcano, Fuego Volcano and Acatenango Volcano. These volcanoes are directly accessible from Antigua Guatemala and will offer you different levels of hiking tour and challenges for you to do.

The area around Antigua Guatemala is also known because of its quality coffee. Its privileged climate, the altitude, volcanic earth and traditions on growing coffee beans makes Antigua Guatemala's coffee one of the best in the world. One of the best things to do in Antigua Guatemala is to visit a few coffee plantations to learn about the production process, get introduced to some latte art and try freshly made quality coffee.

No other place in Guatemala has such a big variety of restaurants together in one small area. You can choose between cuisine from different parts of the world or Guatemalan traditional food. By trying the different ingredients and dishes of Guatemala, you will appreciate the culture at its best. You will also find typical confectionery stores which are important to Guatemalan's identity. The elaboration of these candies is a delicacy using honey, sugar, milk and lots of fruits to give them color and flavor.

Antigua Guatemala tours to other destinations near by

Guatemala City
Guatemala City is very close to Antigua Guatemala and will offer you another angle of Guatemalan culture. This modern city has grown quite a bit in the last 50 years and visitors will find museums, markets, shopping malls and many cultural activities.

Pacific Coast
With its black volcanic sand the Pacific coast stretches 250 km /155 miles from the Mexican border to El Salvador. Monterrico is the most popular beach and a great place to relax, eat fresh seafood and enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Lake Atitlan
This famous lake is one of the most beautiful destinations in Guatemala and you can easily reach it from Antigua Guatemala. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by more than a dozen villages and is a natural beauty you don't want to miss. Every town and village has its own signature and clothing style dependent on their own traditions and language.

Shopping in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala offers shops to fit all budgets. Walk around this vibrant city and discover some amazing stores. Handicrafts are widely distributed here. Ambulant stands on the streets and inside many buildings offer a wide selection of goods. Find the perfect piece of Mayan culture to bring back home.

Antigua Guatemala Museums and architectonical treasures

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral
Destroyed several times by earthquakes, the remaining of this beautiful cathedral is an accurate example of the colonial architecture. The cathedral in Antigua Guatemala was once one of the most important buildings of the continent. Behind its amazing cover you will find the ruins of the building, the beautiful wreck of this church.

The Santa Catalina Arch (Calle del Arco)
This is the main emblematic symbol of Antigua Guatemala. Originally built in 1694, it was part of the Convent of the Virgin so the nuns could walk across it without being seen because of the seclusion vows they took. Nowadays is one of the most important and commercial streets in Antigua Guatemala.

San Carlos University
Built in 1676 it is one of the most beautiful architectonical art pieces of Antigua Guatemala. The main building of this complex features the Museo de Arte Colonial which contains a huge collection of arts from the past centuries, making it the biggest of its kind in Guatemala.

Museum Casa del Tejido
This is the best place to learn the history and meaning behind every piece of fabric made by Guatemalan indigenous people. Here you will find a compilation of fabrics from the different departments of the country. This place is all in three, market, workshop and museum.

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Antigua Guatemala Map and Location

Antigua Guatemala, located in the central highlands of Guatemala, is the capital of Sacatepequez Department and an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. By car or shuttle bus, travelers can reach Guatemala City from Antigua Guatemala in about 90 minutes depending on traffic. Antigua Guatemala is located about 45 km/ 28 mi away from the International Airport of Guatemala (GUA).

Antigua, Sacatepequez

Central Guatemala
Population: 46,000
Elevation: 1,500 m/4,922 ft