Nature in Guatemala

Nature in Guatemala


Overview of Nature in Guatemala

Referred as the Land of the Eternal Spring, Guatemala nature provides the perfect weather conditions for many species. The flora and fauna is lush and extensive thanks to the varying altitudes of its land. Guatemala is a natural paradise located in the middle of Mesoamerica, sitting in a perfect position in one of the biodiversity hot spots of the world.

Functioning as a bridge between North and South America, our country permits the junction between these two continents. Guatemala’s nature hosts 17% of all known terrestrial species. Besides that, there are 651 fish species and 738 bird species; 20% of these are migratory birds. We also count with 7,754 wild plants, which cover the country with marvelous landscapes for you to admire. Guatemala's nature is a gift for your senses and spirit!

The Land of the Eternal Spring counts with a high concentration of volcanic mountains, lagoons, rivers, tropical and dry forests, waterfalls, caves and beaches making it a natural paradise. The enormous biodiversity of Guatemala will allow you to explore different climates, places and cultures all reachable with ground transportation. Plan your natural paradise vacation with our experienced travel guides. We will assist you in putting together the perfect vacation package for your visit to Guatemala.

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