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Zaculeu, Guatemala Vacation Guide

Zaculeu is located in the Guatemalan Highlands. Its strategic location was a challenge for their enemies to reach the Mayan group that dwell in this important city. Zaculeu is also known as Xinabajul which means "place among ravines" in the Mayan language Mam in Guatemala.

Zaculeu was a political ceremonial center and became the capital of Mam dominion, one of the largest Mayan ethnic groups. The construction style is slightly different as the rest of Mayan buildings, showing an obvious influence of the powerful Mexican city: Teotihuacan. The important city of Zaculeu also stands out for the talent of their artisans. They cut little figures of jade and pyrite, a strong material hard to manipulate. The distinctive archaeological pieces found in Zaculeu show a real proficiency of the technique, making it hard to believe that this was all hand made.

Attractions and Activities

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The archaeological site Zaculeu has over 30 structures, a ball court, several plazas and a small museum that treasures materials found in the area. What makes Zaculeu different from the other Mayan cities is that their temples don't have barriers nor columns, also there was no hieroglyphic writing, stelae or altars found anywhere on this site.

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Location And Map

Zaculeu is located in the Western Highlands of the Guatemalan Department Huehuetenango. From Guatemala City, Zaculeu is 130km/81mi away and you can reach it in around five hours.

Zaculeu, Huehuetenango

Western Guatemala
Population: unknown
Elevation: 1,940 m / 6,365 ft