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Best things to do in Guatemala

Guatemala is the perfect country to visit. Most people know Guatemala for its Mayan Ruins but there is so much more things to do and see. It is incredible what you can do in such a small country. You can explore Guatemala attractions like many Mayan sites, hike in the rainforest, zip lining in the jungle, go river rafting, relax on a black sand beach, kayak in one of the many lakes, hike a volcano, enjoy spa days, visit a colonial city, enjoy natural pools and witness the indigenous culture. Our travel experts provide efficient and quality service and they can make all your travel arrangements so you can have a perfect vacation in Guatemala.

We have a long list of Guatemala attractions and the best things to do in Guatemala. We recommend private transfers to move around the country and domestic flights for long distances. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then let our guide and driver take you to your adventure for the day, or relax and let our experts drive you to your next destination; we know the roads so you can enjoy the views.

As your Guatemala travel experts we believe that combining Colonial cities, beautiful lakes, Mayan archaeological sites and indigenous culture is a great experience. We have full day tours from Guatemala City or Antigua Guatemala so you can make one of these cities your base for a few days. If you have more time, you can combine several destinations in Guatemala so you can wake up in a different ambiance each day.

There are many leisure activities that can be done during your trip to Guatemala. You can choose from and will find the following activities: hiking, bird watching, zip lining, caving, exploring Mayan ruins, kayaking, river rafting, surfing, volcano climbing, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, etc. Guatemala is more than just adventure and culture. The city and colonial towns offer world-class dining, nightlife and cultural entertainment.

The variety of micro climates that Guatemala has in such short distances, allows visitors to enjoy Guatemala in many shapes. You can change from a cool climate of 74ºF; to the heat of southwest at 95ºF to our highlands with cold weather at 60ºF.

Guatemala City tours
Guatemala City is a cosmopolitan city but it also offers visitors a glance at the history of the country. If you plan to visit the sights of Guatemala City we recommend to do it with a guide and driver. They will take you to the Historical Center, the Relief Map, the Popol Vuh museum with its impressive collection of pottery funerary urns, the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing and the most important streets of Guatemala.

Colonial cities
A must during your trip to Guatemala is Antigua Guatemala, the third capital of the country. Don’t miss the cobblestone streets and the Spanish-Baroque architecture with Italian influence and the many churches and parks. There are other smaller colonial cities in Guatemala like Ciudad Vieja and Jocotenango where you will see the old colonial buildings as well. Another colonial town is Flores, located on an island in Lake Peten Itza. Enjoy the cobblestone streets of Antigua with our Guatemala Highlights package.

Lakes and Natural pools
Due to the location of Guatemala you can find several lakes, lagoons and rivers. One of the most visited due to the beauty is Lake Atitlan. Located in the highlands, between three volcanoes and mountains; it is believed to be the most beautiful lake in the world. For nature lovers and adventurous people, Semuc Champey is a great destination; water and minerals have created unique geologic formations, it is a series of water holes cascading down through the cloud forest of Alta Verapaz. Another lake to mention is Lake Peten Itza - located north of the country in Peten department it is at 45 minutes from the Tikal National Park.

Enjoy the views of the most beautiful lake in the world booking the Guatemala Highlights package.

Take our Mayan Treasure Package to visit the natural pools of Semuc Champey.

Indigenous culture
Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan World, and the legacy of the Mayan treasures continues. In present days the Mayan culture is kept well and flourishing. It makes Guatemala a multicultural and multilingual country, having 4 ethnic groups (Garifuna, Xinca, Maya and Ladino) and 23 languages. You can see the indigenous culture all over the country but it is more predominant in the highlands. You can live the indigenous cultures in all the small villages around Lake Atitlan, in Chichicastenango, Zunil, Almolonga and Quetzaltenango to mention a few.

A must see in Guatemala is the Indigenous culture and what better place than the market in Chichicastenango. Reserve the Guatemala Highlights package and do not miss the market.

Archaeological sites
There are archaeological sites all over the country but Peten is the area where the most important and biggest sites are. The archeological sites are in the middle of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve, like Tikal, this is one of the most important sites. Just recently it was discovered that Tikal was surrounded by a complex net of structures and causeways never seen before and includes over 60,000 Mayan ruins hide under the jungle. It is believed that millions of people used to live there. Other archeological sites worth mentioning are Aguateca, Yaxha, Uaxactun, Ceibal and El Mirador in Peten; Quirigua in Izabal and Iximche in Tecpan, Chimaltenango (the first capital of Guatemala was established here).

The most important archeological sites are in the northern part of Guatemala, take the package that better suits your needs and visit Tikal.

Beach destinations
Extensive coasts of volcanic sand welcome a space of beautiful nature reserves. On its beaches of more than 280 kilometers in length, you can practice surfing. It also has ideal conditions for sport fishing for which the country was recognized as number one in the region and second worldwide. Less developed but very impressive is the Caribbean side of the country, where the Garifuna culture is predominant. To visit the Caribbean coast in Guatemala you have to travel to Livingston, a fisherman’s village, from there you can do day tours to a secluded beach with white sand. Our Mayan Treasure Package includes visit to the Caribbean Coast and our Taste of Guatemala will take you to the Pacific Coast.

Volcano hiking
Guatemala has over 300 hundred volcanoes and most of them are inactive. Pacaya Volcano is a Guatemala tourist attraction because it is not too high and even though it is an active volcano, you can climb Pacaya Volcano and almost get to the top. On a good day people can get as close as they can to the lava running down the volcano. The Agua Volcano is a non-active volcano of 3,766 meters above sea level. Include this volcano tour in your itinerary to visit the crater of Agua Volcano. Other active volcanoes are Santiaguito and Fuego. The highest volcanoes are located in San Marcos. The Tajumulco Volcano is the highest volcano in Central America.

Guatemala is a great destination for adventure. Zip line, speleology, Guatemala volcano climbing, river rafting, birding, Guatemala fishing and hiking in the jungle are some of the adventure activities Guatemala has for all ages. You can combine a culture trip with adventure and relaxation.

Even though Guatemala is not consider a golf destinations it has world class golf courses. All located near Guatemala City and Antigua. The climate makes Guatemala an excellent place to practice golf. Some of the golf course you can find in Guatemala are Altavista Golf and Tennis Club,  Maya Golf Club, San Isidro and Hacienda Nueva Country Club.

The pacific waves are among the best in the world for surfing. With an incredible water temperature throughout the year, different beaches are available at two hours from the city. At affordable prices, practicing surfing in Guatemala is a great option.

Traditional Guatemalan food is a fusion between the food of the different Mayan ethnic groups and the Spanish food introduced by the conquerors in the 16th century. These days Guatemala also has a rich international gastronomic culture. Throughout Guatemala you can find restaurants offering typical, international and fusion food. In addition to the flavors of the different vegetables and fresh fruits that are sold in the markets around the country, there are spices and unique herbs that give the food a very special flavor. A special experience is to take a class to learn to make some of the typical Guatemalan dishes.