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We are a full-service Guatemala destination specialist and Tour Operator. Our agents and affiliates prepare extraordinary travel experiences for individuals and groups with an emphasis on superior services. Enjoy Guatemala was founded in 1999 and since then we keep promoting Guatemala tourism – focusing on providing a unique travel experience while giving back and supporting local economies.

Our consultants have a broad knowledge and expertise of Guatemala. They specialize in other Central American countries as well to enhance your experience. Listening to our clients enables us to suggest and prepare the perfect travel itinerary. We take care of every detail because our goal is for our clients to have an unforgettable vacation experience. We know all Guatemala destinations and with the assistance of our Guatemala Travel Guide we make sure to fulfill our client’s expectations.

Enjoy Guatemala's travel partners include local service providers such as community guides, hotels, tour operators and transportation companies that are among the best and most reputable enterprises in Guatemala. Our portfolio of services includes custom and guided tours, local workshops, quality accommodation and private transfers. Our mission is to provide our clients with the BEST, which is why we come to work.

Since 2013 Enjoy Guatemala belongs to the family of Absolute Travel Service LLC – a dedicated team of destination specialists that promote unique vacation experiences to Central America and Europe.

Guatemala Volcanoes and Lake Atitlan in Solola

Planing a visit to a Central American country is an adventure itself. Contrasting cultures, distinctive gastronomy, and most of the times, a different language can defy your vacation planning experience. This is exactly why we are here for you!

Share with us your plans about that Guatemala vacation you have in mind. Our travel specialists are located in Guatemala and will contribute to the overall experience of your journey.

Here are a few ways on how we can make your dream vacation come true:

Insight into Guatemala
A wide knowledge of Guatemala, passion and efficiency are among our main strengths. We know Guatemala at a different level and have resources and local contacts at our fingertips. We are competitive and committed to offer you the best of Guatemala, specially if you are looking for a personalized experience.

Destination guidance and setting an itinerary
We recognize quality and have stayed at most hotels ourselves to assure our clients a comfortable lodging. Our first hand experience allows us to recommend the best places to visit in Guatemala. We provide a clear cut itinerary and organize your private transportation to make sure your feel comfortable and safe during your entire stay.

Better customer service and advocating on behalf of you
When traveling with Enjoy Guatemala, our clients are aware that they have our support and count with our expert advise before and during their Guatemala vacation. In case of unforeseen events, we are available to take care of you and will intervene on your behalf. You can directly contact your Enjoy Guatemala Travel Consultant - we are real people and will work things out for you.

Saving you money and getting you extra perks
We are always keeping an eye on promotions and know the best days to travel. This way, we hold costs down and offer you the perfect vacation package for a reasonable price. Additionally, we have long established partnerships with some of the best hotels in Guatemala and sometimes we can get you benefits such a room upgrade, free airport pick up and other perks that will make you feel special.

Offering extended payment plans and budgeting
Enjoy Guatemala only requires a deposit payment at the time of booking. You can decide to pay a once-for-all sum or talk to your Travel Consultant to make several installments as your vacation date approaches.

Knowing the right travel insurance
Being protected against any type of mishaps is essential to fully enjoy your vacation; that’s why we strongly recommend getting a travel insurance. Travel Insured is a great option to provide the best products and coverage for leisure travelers. Make sure to protect your vacation investment and increase your peace of mind before traveling to Guatemala.

In short, let us take care of your vacation plans. Save yourself time and hassles and contact us today – we will plan the perfect itinerary for you to fully Enjoy Guatemala!

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