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Izabal, Guatemala Vacation Guide

The biggest lake in Guatemala is located in its coast. Lake Izabal is known because of its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. There is a great variety of fauna and vegetation which is vital for the species that inhabit the Lake. Marvel at the unique scenery of landscapes and eco systems Lake Izabal has to offer.

Attractions and Activities

Discover Lake Izabal

This Lake treasures a unique mix of cultures, traditions and scenarios. Come and discover the white and black sand beaches, gold stones and different natural resorts the tropical jungle shelters. Lake Izabal is an exciting and delightful place to visit.

Natural treasures and the most important Fort back in the days

Siete Altares
A 15 minute boat ride will bring you to this small bay, one of Izabal's treasures. The Lake's path to the sea form seven natural pools in which you can refresh yourself from the heat of the Caribbean coast.

Caxlampon caves
Underground paths, adrenaline and nature at its best! These caves are for real adventurers. To reach them you will walk two hours in the jungle. Once there, you can do rappel, jump from the waterfalls and dive into the water of this magnificent place.

San Felipe de Lara Castle
Rebuilt at least three times during the 17th century, the Fort at San Felipe served as a surveillance center, prison and customs facility. This National landmark welcomes visitors from all over the world. Excavations in the area discover remainings of different eras, awakening the interest of tourists.

Excursions from Lake Izabal to other destinations near by

This small country treasures a great variety of natural attractions. Belize's Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, a dream destination for diving and snorkeling lovers. Top country for eco-tourism and water sports!

Quirigua & Copan Ruins
These two stunning archeological parks are very close to Lake Izabal. Visit these old cities that have so much in common and be part of the Mayan route. Discover one of the most incredible artistic developments of Mayan culture in these magic places.

Biotope Chocon Machacas
This is the home of the manatee, an endangered species. It also counts with 130 birds species, 31 mammals, 31 reptiles and amphibians and 82 types of fish. Make a boat tour into this sanctuary that represents the refuge of many animals and plants.

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Location And Map

Located 308km / 192mi away from Guatemala City. You can reach almost every place within the Lake by boat or road.

Izabal, Izabal

Eastern Guatemala
Population: 314,300
Elevation: 8 m/26 ft