Lakes in Guatemala

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Lakes in Guatemala

Guatemala hosts over 20 big and 120 small lakes and lagoons. Here is a countdown of the most appreciated lakes of the country. Enjoy the legendary waters of Guatemala and visit the traditional villages nearby.

Main Lakes in Guatemala

Lake Atitlan
Located in the western Highlands of Guatemala, Lake Atitlan is surrounded by a hilly landscape that is just breathtaking! You will be amazed by the perfect combination of volcanoes, mountains and wildflower gardens that surround this sparkling Lake. Being one of the main attractions of the country, the Lake Atitlan offers an immense amount of activities to keep you entertained. Besides that, the concentration of quality hotels spread throughout Lake Atitlan is amazing! Come and enjoy the perfect weather and peaceful atmosphere this historical Lake treasures.

Curious travelers visit this magic Lake in search of Mayan diversity. The different cultures and traditions that still dwell in Lake Atitlan are very pure and people is very welcoming. Guarded by three volcanoes: Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro, the mystical waters of the Lake possess a unique history. Around 2,000 years ago to the south of the Lake, a small island was inhabited by the Maya. Inundated by the rise of the Lake, today is an underwater site named Samabaj. Studies show that it was an important spiritual center and the antique archaeological pieces found deep in the floor of Lake Atitlan are exposed in Museo de Arqueologia Lacustre, in Panajachel.

Lake Peten Itza
This Lake is located in northern Guatemala, directly in the heart of Peten. Lake Peten Itza is the second largest lake of the country and it has an archaeological richness that makes it an interesting spot for travelers from all over the world. To its southern shore of Lake Peten Itza lies Flores, a picturesque town full of friendly people and several hotels, restaurants and pubs for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a more relaxing and quite place, El Remate is a rural village located to the eastern shore of Lake Peten Itza. In this area you can enjoy a good swim in the Lake and visit the Biotopo Protegido Cerro Cahui, perfect to admire nature at its best!

Lake Peten Itza is surrounded by dense tropical forest among it, 27 archaeological sites. A magnificent and in its own way mystical Lake that you cannot miss!

Lake Izabal
The largest lake of the country is located in eastern Guatemala, close the Caribbean Coast. Lake Izabal is linked with Rio Dulce, shimmering under the hot tropical sun, this coastline is cooled by ocean breezes. Enjoy the different beaches that can be found around Lake Izabal: El Estor, Mariscos and Playa Dorarada are great and tranquil options to consider. Back in the days, Lake Izabal was guarded by the Castle San Felipe de Lara to prevent the entrance of pirates to the country. You can visit this well preserved structure in the shores of Lake Izabal during your visit to the Caribbean Coast.

Make sure to visit at least one of these mist-veiled Guatemala Lakes!