Lakes in Guatemala

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Lakes in Guatemala

Water is life and people living around it knows that well. Since ancient times, different civilizations have been benefiting from water and the fertility it gives to the soil. For this reason, the big lakes are always surrounded by villages profiting from the gifts of nature. And Guatemala is not an exception–hosting over 20 big lakes and 120 lagoons.

Here we want to highlight the most visited lakes in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan
Located in the western Highlands of Guatemala, Lake Atitlan is surrounded by a hilly landscape that is just breathtaking! You will be amazed by the perfect combination of volcanoes, mountains and wildflower gardens that surround this sparkling Lake. Being one of the main attractions of Guatemala, Lake Atitlan offers several activities and lodging options for all tastes. Curious travelers visit this magic Lake in search of a cultural experience. The different Mayan groups and traditions that still dwell in Lake Atitlan are quite authentic. Guarded by three volcanoes, the mystical waters of the Lake possess a unique history.

Lake Peten Itza
Located in the Lowland region of Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza is in the heart of Peten and is one of the calmest lakes of the country. It was the home base of the Maya Itza, which was the very last indigenous group conquered by the Spanish. For this reason, the area has an impressive archaeological richness that attracts foreign and local visitors. To its southern shore lies Flores, a colorful island that makes the perfect base when visiting the archaeological sites of the region. El Remate is another great option to overnight– calm and peaceful. Lake Peten Itza is surrounded by dense tropical jungle and over 20 archaeological sites. A magnificent and mystical Lake that you cannot miss during your visit to Guatemala!

Lake Izabal
Also located in the Lowland region of the country, Lake Izabal is the largest water body of Guatemala. It is drained by Rio Dulce into the Caribbean Coast and surrounded by incredible vegetation. Because of its strategical location, Puerto Barrios (in Izabal) has become an important port for cruises coming from different part of the world. Visitors can visit Tikal or Antigua Guatemala in one day due to its accessibility from the Caribbean region.

Lake Izabal is a well-preserved treasure. Back in the days, this Lake was guarded by San Felipe’s Fortress to prevent the entrance of pirates to the country. Today, you can visit the ‘castle’ and learn more about the intriguing history of the region.

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