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Pacific Coast, Guatemala Vacation Guide

The tropical Pacific coast of Guatemala stretches around 250km / 155mi from the Western Mexican border through the Eastern border of El Salvador. The Guatemalan coast line is an important production center for the country's agriculture economy and is almost entirely dominated by plantations of sugar cane, cotton, bananas and cattle ranching. This is the reason why attractions are limited, but the ones available for the public are worth the visit. The area is great to relax and take some in the fresh ocean breeze.

Attractions and Activities

Discover the Pacific Coast

In this region of the country you can appreciate extensive natural reserves, practice surf, hike volcanoes and visit interesting archaeological sites. Black volcanic sand and an abundant marine life are the main attractions of the area. Come and discover the magic hidden in the Pacific coast of the country!

Excursions from the Pacific Coast to other destinations near by

Known as the capital of the world, this department treasures many attractions like beaches, archaeological sites and one of the biggest amusement parks in Central America. Unfortunately the highways to get to Retalhuleu currently are not in best conditions, so it will take you longer than usual to reach it. But once there, you will be amazed by the beauty of this hidden treasure in the Pacific of Guatemala.

Tak'alik Ab'Aj
Located in El Asintal close to Rehalhuleu, this archaeological site is earning popularity because of its mysteries and unique Maya-Olmeca influence. Is the only place that combines both ancient and modern cultures and it served as an important trading center back in the days. A sacred Mayan World with a magic atmosphere.

Xocomil & Xetulul parks
Fun for all tastes! These recreational parks are a different and unique experience for your visit in our country. Xetulul is an amusement park with replicas of different countries that were a big influence in Guatemala. Xocomil, on the other hand is water fun. You will find plenty of pools and water slides to refresh from the hot weather of the Pacific.

Fishing in the Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast of Guatemala features some of the calmest waters in the world, ideal for deep sea fishing. Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna are the most common species in the waters of Guatemala's Pacific Ocean. Be part of a unique fishing experience, combined with black sand beaches, sunbaths and natural reserves. Only to be found in this area of Guatemala!


Monterrico is the most popular beach in Guatemala. It is also the closest one to the City. It features some nice waves for surfing because of its topography. It is mainly a beach destination and there is not much else apart from beach activities and restaurants. Seasonal activities are including turtle and whale-watching tours.

El Paredon
Located in a small fishing village, El Paredon is known for its magnificent waves to surf. From November to April, you can enjoy the most perfect wave’s ideal for this sport. Relax and enjoy also yoga classes in front of the chilling sea.

Las Lisas
Not that popular, this beach is a quiet paradise for a one day tour. Perfect to enjoy the sea waters, sunsets and ocean breeze. From December to March you can be part of the whales and dolphins sighting.

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Information about Guatemala's Capital.

Pacific Coast Map and Location

Located in Southern Guatemala, the Pacific Coast is very close to the capital of the country. The closest beach is around 90 minutes away from Guatemala City. As nearly all of Guatemala's beaches have a strong undercurrent, respectful behavior towards the ocean is recommended.

Pacific Coast, Guatemala

Southern Guatemala
Population: approximately 1.9 million
Elevation: 1m (3ft) - 18m (60ft)