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Copan, Honduras Vacation Guide

Voyage across the border and discover the Copan ruins, in Honduras! This spectacular Mayan city is just a few miles from Guatemala's border and features stunning remains of the history of this incredible civilization. Copan – known as Xukpi to the Maya – was the dominant Mayan city in the south of their territory. Its rich stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs make Copan a feature attraction along La Ruta Maya.

Discovered in 1570 though first excavated in the 19th century, this important Mayan city is an UNESCO World Heritage. The city served as a political, civil and religious center. Significant developments of the Maya were achieved here, such as advancements in mathematics, astronomy and hieroglyphic writing. Copan is a beautiful and unforgettable destination very close to Guatemala.

Attractions and Activities

Discover Copan Ruins

The essence of this Maya Site is concentrated on around 85 hectares. These ruins represent an outstanding universal value due to its important roll back in the days.

This archaeological site is known for its beautiful stone temples and hieroglyphs. The preservation of its altars and stelae is unbelievable which makes it a unique experience. Copan ruins welcomes people from all over the world throughout the year and invites you to be part of this unforgettable experience.

Excursions from Copan Ruins to other destinations near by

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This archeological site is somehow connected with the ruins of Copan. Both sites share the same construction style. Studies have discovered that both cities were an expansion of Tikals' leaders, to the southern border of the Mayan region. Cover these important cities of the Mayan Route during your trip in Guatemala. A magic and unique experience that you cannot miss!

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Copan Map and Location

Located in Western Honduras, the Copan ruins are reachable within five hours from Guatemala City (235km / 146mi). Crossing the border is an easy process though you could be delayed when lots of people are traveling to Honduras at the same time.

Copan, Honduras

Western Honduras
Population: approximately 25,000
Elevation: 700m / 2,300ft