Flores – Tikal

The movie “2012” shows how Earth is destroyed by terrible cataclysms, and mentions the fact that this apocalyptic destruction was foreseen by the ancient Maya. This is of course a Hollywood exaggeration, but it is true that 2012 was associated to the thousand years old Guatemalan culture and its deep knowledge of time. December 21st 2012 is registered in the counts of Mayan Classic period as the end of an era and the beginning of a new time, although this is not all related to the destruction of the world (Read End of cycle).

We invite you to understand more about the lives of the Mayas and to have a better look at this ancient society for yourself – immerse in the Mayan World and visit the cities where the Mayas lived!

Tour Program (2 Days / 1 Night)

1st Day 

5:00 a.m. Transportation from your hotel in Guatemala City to the Guatemala National Airport.
6:30 a.m. Flight from Guatemala City to Flores.
Upon arrival, pick up at the airport and transfer to the Mayan Site of Yaxha.
Tour includes lunch and entrance fee.

Yaxha lagoon which is smaller than the Peten Itza Lake holds in its shores the Mayan city of the same name, and although this is a small city, it has a few large sized temples and palaces of high quality, which are very worthy of your visit.

2nd Day

Breakfast at your hotel
After breakfast you have a guided tour to the amazing city of Tikal.
Tour includes lunch and entrance fee.

Tikal is located one hour north of Flores. This impressive metropolis consists of dozens of structures, several great temples atop from which you can stare at the surrounding jungle, plazas, palaces and buildings that will marvel you for their solid and imposing stance.

After tour, transportation back to Flores Airport
5:00 p.m. Flight from Flores to Guatemala City.
6:00 p.m. Transportation from the airport back to hotel in the city.

End of Cycle
Mayan spirituality is based on a worldview, or a way to regard the universe, which indicates that everything is connected and that we are one with the earth and the elements of nature. According to this vision of life, all human beings are accompanied since birth by energy, represented by an animal or natural force called a nahual. There are 20 nahuales, and each person has also a number, ranging from 1 to 13. The nahual plus the number determine the characters people. Contact with nature is done through the Mayan priest or aj’quij (literally “The one who counts time”). Priests are those who, after much preparation, are able to kindle the sacred fire which burned the offerings made to “Ajaw” (God) – and the elements of nature that make up all that exists.

Prices Per Person in USD

Shared Tour Single Double Triple
Hotel del Patio
750 580 500
Hotel Villa Maya Internacional
780 590 530
Private Tour Single Double Triple
Hotel del Patio
825 585 532
Hotel Peten Esplendido
880 615 554
Hotel Camino Real Tikal
910 630 562

Supplements Per Person in USD

Single boat ride in Topoxte Lagoon during tour to Yaxha.
Available in Private Tour only.
Double boat ride in Topoxte Lagoon during tour to Yaxha.
Available in Private Tour only.
Triple boat ride in Topoxte Lagoon during tour to Yaxha.
Available in Private Tour only.

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