Caribbean Coast

Explore the tropical beauty of Guatemala's Caribbean Coast. This coastline is rich with palm trees and some coral reefs, making it a gorgeous vacation spot!

Things to do - general

Guatemala’s Caribbean coast is relatively short but there is a coastline with palm trees, blue-green waters and some coral reefs in front of Monabique and Amatique Bay. However the main points of interests are the cities of Livingston and Puerto Barrios. On the way to the coast, travelers will also see Lake Izabal which is the largest lake in Guatemala and the old Spanish fortress of San Felipe.

Livingston is a charming town located at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. It is a unique area of Guatemala due to its Garifuna culture. Originally a mix between a native tribe, the Kalipuna’s and slaves from Nigeria mixed in the 17th century and conserved their own language, music and religion. Livingston can only be accessed by boats traveling across the bay from Puerto Barrios or down the Rio Dulce from Frontera. Puerto Barrios is a convenient base for tours in the region. Boats depart regularly from Barrios for Livingston and Belize. Puerto Barrios is also the capital of Izabal state and once was a busy place before the modern port of Santo Tomas de Castilla was built nearby.

Beaches on the Caribbean Coast include Cocoli, Playa Blanca, Punta de Manabique, Amatique Bay, Livingston, Punta de Palma and Playa Palmeras.

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