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Things to do - general

In Aguateca visitors will find important archaeological sites that flourished during the Classical Period of the Mayan civilization and which are under protection as Cultural Monuments. Aguateca is also an adventurous destination where one finds mysterious cliffs and vast plains of surprising beauty. In the same area of the Pasion River in the department of Peten in Guatemala, you can find more Mayan sites from the same period. The Pasion River basin contains a number of sites of other pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization which include Dos Pilas, Tamarindito, Altar de Sacrificios, Machaquila and El Ceibal, which was the largest Mayan city in this are area of Guatemala.

Aguateca is not for the average tourist, but getting there is half the fun. Traveling via Laguna (lagoon) Petexbatun and La Pasion River you will pass by boat cliffs which offer stunning views, this boat ride takes around one hour. There are no imposing temples in Aguateca, although its ruins are among the best preserved and restored of the Mayan sites in Guatemala. The Structure M7-26 which is located immediately north of the Sunken Plaza, is believed to have had an administrative role. Many manufactured objects and artifacts such as pottery and basalt mortars were found in this building.

The Pasion River which includes the Petexbatun Lagoon, is one of the most interesting combinations of waterways, natural beauty and archaeological interest. Due to its natural habitat for fauna and flora and its richness with Mayan ruins, the general Peten area has been declared both Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and has since been the only place on earth to have received these two recognition’s.

Activities in and around Aguateca include Tours of cultural and natural trails, observation of flora and fauna, visiting impressive landscapes and boating on Betexbatun Lagoon.

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Chiminos Island Lodge

Petexbatun Lagoon
Chimino's Island Lodge is located in Punta de Chimino on the beautiful Petexbatun Lagoon offering 5 attractive bungalows to enjoy the jungle and the views of the lagoon.

Petex Batun Lodge

Petex Batun
Petex Batun Lodge - imagine yourself walking through a tropical jungle among old Mayan palaces, or hiking in rainforest with abundant animal and plant life.

Unfortunately there are no tour offers at this location at the moment.