Guatemala offers Central America in concentrated form: its volcanoes are the highest and most active, and its Mayan ruins the most impressive.

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Guatemala offers Central America in concentrated form: its volcanoes are the highest and most active, and its Mayan ruins the most impressive. Guatemala is the Mayan heartland within Central America. Its indigenous culture is alive and well in the ancient ruins of Tikal, the Mayan/Catholic rituals of Chichicastenango and the blazing colors of everyday Mayan dresses.


A new group of tourism civil police officers has recently graduated, making tourists security their goal. This group of specially trained officials cover most of the tourist attractions and routes in prevention of crime.
Use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home. Be especially cautious in or avoid areas where you are likely to be victimized. These include crowded markets, bus stations, elevators, crowded tourist sites, festivals and marginal areas of cities.


Guatemala’s phone system is working well and is reliable in places frequented by tourists. Mobile phones have taken over land lines in terms of popularity and although they are more expensive than Land lines they are usually much cheaper than using a hotel phone. The country code for Guatemala is 502. To call Guatemala from the United States, you dial the international access code (011) followed by the country code (502), and then the eight-digit phone number, in that order. There are no area codes in Guatemala. Mobile phones are very popular in Guatemala and locals rely heavily on their cells for basic communication needs, also because it can be difficult and time consuming to get a land line.

Mobile phones in Guatemala use the GSM network. If you have an unlocked GSM phone and plan on calling many local numbers then it makes a lot of sense to buy a prepaid Guatemalan SIM card on arrival. The rates will be much more economical than roaming on your US phone. There are 3 mobile companies: Movistar offers the cheapest rates. Claro costs more but has a better coverage and Tigo is in the middle: offering better rates than Claro and covering more of Guatemala than Movistar. Once you have a SIM card you can buy minutes at most grocery and convenience stores in Guatemala.

All major cellphone providers offer roaming in Guatemala. Check for connection requirements and costs before you leave!

The Internet country code of Guatemala is .gt


There are no required vaccinations for travel Guatemala, although in some provinces there is a malaria risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which posts its recommendations at

The CDC’s bible for medical recommendations is called the Yellow Book and available online. From the website’s travel section, select Yellow Book / Build Custom Report to find risk assessments for yellow fever and malaria.

Country Republic of Guatemala
Area 109000
Population 11 million (growth rate 2.5%)
Capital city Guatemala City (pop 2 million)
People 56% Spanish descent, 44% Mayan descent
Languages spoken Spanish, Garifuna and 21 Maya languages
Religion Roman Catholic, Mayan-Catholic
Government Democratic
Time GMT/UTC minus 6 hours
Electricity 110V, 60Hz
Weights / measures Metric
Currency Quetzal
Visa requirements Depending on the country you come from, stays are limited to 30 or 90 days. Check with the closest Guatemalan embassy for up-to-date information.

Westin Camino Real

Guatemala City
The Hotel Westin Camino Real is among Guatemala's finest hotels. It is located in the heart of Guatemala City's "Zona Viva", the capital's hub for business, shopping and entertainment.

Hotel Atitlan

Lake Atitlan
The Hotel Atitlan is a luxury getaway in Panajachel overlooking Lake Atitlan. The hotel also includes award winning gardens and the finest cuisine in Central America!

Camino Real Tikal

Lake Peten Itza Tikal
The Hotel Camino Real is situated within the Cerro Cahui Nature Reserve and overlooking Lake Peten Itza. This is the best hotel option to explore the Mayan treasures of Tikal.

Hotel Las Farolas

Antigua Guatemala
Hotel las Farolas combines the architecture of a colonial house with a beautiful garden and is located just a 5 minutes walk from the Central Park of Antigua.

Hotel Stofella

Guatemala City
The Hotel Stofella is an excellent value in the heart of Guatemala City - a good location and the modern amenities throughout the hotel guarantee a pleasant stay.

Casa Santo Domingo

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo is Antigua's most famous hotel and provides all the comforts within and around one of the grandest monasteries of the Americas

Hotel Real Intercontinental

Guatemala City
Hotel Intercontinental is located in the Zona Viva in walking distance from malls, shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, and others, it makes an excellent base for all your Guatemala City needs.

Hotel Biltmore Express

Guatemala City
The Hotel Biltmore is located in Zona Viva the center of the business and commercial part of the city and is very close to museums, restaurants, bars and shopping malls of Guatemala City.

Camino Real Antigua

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Camino Real is a centrally located Colonial Hotel at only 45 minutes from Guatemala City, offering Colonial style rooms and suites.

Ramada Tikal Isla de Flores

Flores Island
Price per night from $ 110.00
The Ramada Tikal Isla de Flores hotel offers 45 comfortable rooms on the Island of Flores and next to Lake Peten Itza with some rooms having a view onto the lake.

Jungle Lodge

Tikal National Park
Price per night from $ 179
Jungle Lodge is located within the boundaries of the National Park and surrounded by the pristine rainforest in Peten and providing comfortable accommodation.

Tikal Inn

Tikal National Park
Price per night from $ 170
Tikal Inn is only a 10 minute walk to the center of the Mayan ruins and located within the boundaries of the National Park and surrounded by the pristine rain forest.

Isla de Flores

Flores Island
Hotel Isla de Flores is among the most luxurious hotels on the island. The island of Flores is a small island in the middle of the Peten-Itza lake.

El Convento

Antigua Guatemala
El Convento Boutique Hotel is a small boutique hotel in the heart of Antigua offering the attention and the comfort of an international first class hotel.

Cacique Inn

Hotel Cacique Inn is located two streets away from the main street and a comfortable 3 star hotel in Panajachel which has a beautiful tropical garden with a big swimming pool and one of the best restaurants in town.

Porta Hotel Antigua

Antigua Guatemala
The Porta Hotel Antigua provides the finest hospitality services in an area of Antigua which is surrounded by living history, tradition and romance!

Hotel Santo Tomas

The Hotel Santo Tomas is a charming hotel located in the center of Chichicastenango and thriving to make you stay an unforgettable experience

Soleil La Antigua

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Soleil La Antigua Resort and Conference Center consists of two colonial style buildings that are situated on a property with over 20,000 square meters and includes ample gardens and recreation areas for adults and children.

Soleil Pacifico Resort

Pacific Coast
The Soleil Pacifico Resort offers lots of fun activities around the beach and is an ideal place for the entire family to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Hotel Villa Caribe

Discover the magic and charm of a different Caribbean at the Hotel Villa Caribe which is surrounded by lush tropical rain forest between the Rio Dulce outlet and the Caribbean sea.

Hotel Vista Real

Guatemala City
Hotel Vista Real is located in the most exclusive residential area of the Guatemala City and includes 129 suites, divided into Grand Class with Jacuzzi, Master Suites, Governor Suites and the spectacular Presidential Suite.

Amatique Bay Resort

Puerto Barrios
The Amatique Bay Resort & Marina is surrounded by white sand beaches and features an all service marina to handle vessels of up to 160 feet

Hotel Del Patio

Santa Elena
Hotel Del Patio is located only a few steps from Lake Peten Itza in Santa Elena and hotels colonial architecture combines with convenience and comfort.

Laguna Lodge

Lake Atitlan
Laguna Lodge is a luxury boutique hotel nestled in its own nature reserve on the shores of Lake Atitlan and commanding best views over the waters of Lake Atitlan and 3 volcanoes as its backdrop.

Posada de Los Leones

Antigua Guatemala
Posada de Los Leones is a luxurious inn for guests which appreciate the traditional colonial architecture including a garden courtyard and built in the Spanish-Moorish colonial style.

Palacio de Doña Leonor

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Palacio Dona Leonor offers 12 luxurious rooms and suites in the heart of Antigua and stands out as a magnificently restored mansion from the 17 century.

Pension Bonifaz

The Hotel Pension Bonifaz is a comfortable Bed & Breakfast in the center of Quetzaltenango with a rooftop garden and bar which offers a panoramic view of the majestic mountains!

Peten Esplendido

Santa Elena
The Hotel Peten Esplendido is only a short distance from the Tikal Airport and located lakeside in front of the Island of Flores in Guatemala.

Posada de Don Rodrigo

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo is a landmark hotel in Antigua Guatemala and offering a traditional experience in the center of this beautiful Colonial Town.

Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo Panajachel

Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo in Panajachel is just two hours away from its sister hotel in Antigua and situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan providing a peaceful setting to enjoy Panajachel.

Posada del Hermano Pedro

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Posada el Hermano Pedro in Antigua is a colonial house dates which from the 16 th. Century which prides itself on a long tradition of hospitality, security and comfort for their guests.

Hotel Radisson

Guatemala City
The Hotel Radisson was renovated in 2007 and offers 115 elegant yet comfortable suites and the hotel also includes a concierge and a large convention center and features a Family and a Ladies floor.

Hotel San Carlos

Guatemala City
Hotel San Carlos is a small luxury hotel located just outside of the Zona Viva next to the American Embassy and close to the most important financial and commercial centers and other attractions of Guatemala City.

Hotel Utz-Tzaba

Pacific Coast
The Hotel Utz-Tzaba is a perfect place to relax and letting your Guatemala vacation pass “en-revue” before you fly back home.

Meson de Maria

Antigua Guatemala
Hotel Meson de Maria is located in the heart of Antigua just a few steps from the Calle del Arco.

Meson Panza Verde

Antigua Guatemala
Meson Panza Verde is a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Antigua Guatemala and includes one of the best restaurants in Guatemala.

Posada del Angel

Antigua Guatemala
Posada del Angel is an original Boutique Hotels in Antigua offering an authentic experience curated by locals which want to share Antigua's Mayan and Spanish heritages.

Mercure Casa Veranda

Guatemala City
The Hotel Mercure is situated in the center of the famous entertainment district "Zona Viva" in Guatemala City.

Meson del Valle

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Meson del Valle is located in the heart of the beautiful city of La Antigua de Guatemala.

Palacio de Doña Beatriz

Antigua Guatemala
Palacio de Dona Beatriz is a luxury bed and breakfast located in Antigua's best residential area just four blocks from the Art Gallery and in close proximity to the finest restaurants of Antigua.

Hotel Crowne Plaza

Guatemala City
The Hotel Crowne Plaza is located in the beautiful residential zone 13 on Avenue of The Americas and is located in close proximity to the International Airport.

Clarion Suites Hotel

Guatemala City
The recently renovated Hotel Viva Clarion Suites offers spacious suites in the center of Guatemala City.

Bolontiku Hotel

Lake Peten Itza Tikal
Bolontiku Boutique Hotel is located in San Andres on the shores of Lake Peten Itza and blends ecologically with the rain forest and keeps a good balance between nature and contemporary comforts.

La Lancha

Lake Peten Itza Tikal
Hotel La Lancha is a thirty-minute drive away from the Mayan site of Tikal - a beautiful lodge overlooking Lake Peten Itza and offering secluded bungalows.

Hotel Marina Copan

Copan Honduras
The traditional Hotel Marina Copan is overlooking the Central Plaza of the Mayan city of Copan

Hotel Clarion Copan Ruinas

Copan Honduras
Hotel Copan Ruinas is next to the Archeological Park and the town of Copan. Situated on a hill and surrounded by mountains, the Posada Real de Copan offers an attractive panoramic viex and easy access to the Mayan ruins.

Casa Duranta

Casa Duranta is a small hotel in Coban and close to river cascades, breeding grounds for orchids, grotto's and other important natural reserves.

Casa Encantada

Antigua Guatemala
The Casa Encantada is a lovely inn in the heart of Antigua just a few minutes stroll from the Central Park and many other of the attractions in Antigua.

Casa Palopo

Lake Atitlan
Casa Palopo is a 7-bedroom villa terraced into the hillside overlooking Lake Atitlan and three magnificent volcanos. The hotel is located in Santa Catarina Palopo, 7 km from Panajachel.

Casa Madeleine

Antigua Guatemala
Casa Madeleine is away from the bustle of the center of Antigua and offers a pampering array of Spa services.

Casa Santa Rosa

Antigua Guatemala
Casa Santa Rosa is a small Boutique Hotel in Antigua where guests can enjoy upscale rooms and suites which are surrounded by 2 beautiful gardens.

Hotel Caleta Azul

Pacific Coast
The Hotel Caleta Azul is situated on a precious island on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and is surrounded by lush nature and you will spot many exotic birds that frequent the area.

Casa Capuchinas

Antigua Guatemala
The colonial-style Casa Capuchinas is located in the center of Antigua and close to the ruins of Capuchinas and Hotel Casa Santo Domingo.

Hotel Holiday Inn

Guatemala City
Hotel Holiday Inn is conveniently located in the heart of business, entertainment and shopping centers of Guatemala City, the Zona Viva and only ten minutes from the Airport La Aurora (GUA).

Chiminos Island Lodge

Petexbatun Lagoon
Chimino's Island Lodge is located in Punta de Chimino on the beautiful Petexbatun Lagoon offering 5 attractive bungalows to enjoy the jungle and the views of the lagoon.

Conquistador Hotel & Conference Center

Guatemala City
Ramada Conquistador Hotel is located in the heart of Guatemala City's financial district and was recently renovated and is just a five minute drive from the city's most prestigious shopping.

Casa Azul

Flores Island
Casa Azul features rooms with A/C and shared terraces overlooking Peten Itza Lake on the North side of Flores Island.

Petex Batun Lodge

Petex Batun
Petex Batun Lodge - imagine yourself walking through a tropical jungle among old Mayan palaces, or hiking in rainforest with abundant animal and plant life.

Casona de la Isla

Flores Island
Casona de la Isla is among the few hotels on the Island of Flores offering 26 rooms with air-conditioning and a beautiful view of the lake.

Casona del Lago

Santa Elena
Casona del Lago sits on the shores of Lake Peten Itza in Santa Elena and is facing Flores Island including an outdoor pool and hot tub.

Ecolodge Ni'Tun

Lake Peten Itza Tikal
The Ecolodge Ni'Tun is located 15 minutes by boat from Flores on the calm waters of Lake Peten Itza by surrounded by rainforests.

Hotel Mayan Inn

Hotel Mayan Inn is a charming inn which welcomes you into the old world of Spanish Colonial Times in the village of Chichicastenango which is famous for its shopping at the market on Thursday and Sunday.

Jaguar Inn

Tikal National Park
Price per night from $ 170
Hotel Jaguar Inn Lodge is situated inside the Tikal National Park and is surrounded by jungle.

Day Tours from Panajachel

Price per person from $ 64
Enjoy 1 Day Tours from Panajachel. Includes Lake Atitlan, Hiking, Horseback riding, Biking, Kayak and Canopy

16 Days Vacation Package

Price per person from $ 2245
16 Days Vacation Package. Includes destinations of Antigua, Chichicastenango, Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Atitlán, Copan, Rio Dulce, Livingstone, Yaxha, Tikal.

9 Days Vacation Package

Price per person from $ 1065
9 Days Vacation Package - Guatemala Vacation Package. Includes 9 days / 8 nights discovering destinations of Guatemala City, Coban, Aguateca, Yaxha and Tikal.

Mini Packages in Panajachel

Price per person from $ 124
Mini Packages in Panajachel - One Night in Panajachel, Panajachel and Lake Atitlan

Mini Packages in Antigua

Price per person from $ 58
Mini Packages in Antigua - One Night in Antigua, Walking Tour in Antigua, Spa in Antigua, Pacaya Volcano from Antigua, Canopy in Antigua

Survivor Advanced

Price per person from $ 480
Survivor Advanced - Guatemala Vacation Package. Includes 4 days / 3 nights discovering destinations of Flores, El Zotz and Tikal.

Survivor Intermediate

Price per person from $ 545
Survivor Intermediate - Guatemala Vacation Package. Includes 4 days / 3 nights discovering destinations of Tikal, Flores, Yaxhá and Nakum.

4 days - Survivor Moderate

Price per person from $ 808
Survivor Moderate - Guatemala Vacation Package. Includes 4 days / 3 nights discovering destinations of Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca and Flores.

10 days - Taste of Guatemala

Price per person from $ 1175
Taste of Guatemala package. We welcome you to the El Mundo Maya: Tikal, Antigua, Lake Atitlán, Iximche, Chichicastenango, Monterrico

10 days - Mayan Treasures

Price per person from $ 1347
Mayan Treasures package. We welcome you to the El Mundo Maya: Tikal, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Copan, Rio Dulce, Quirigua, Livingston, Chichicastenango

Guatemala Highlights

Price per person from $ 830
Guatemala Highlights package. A tour through Antigua, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan, Tikal and Peten.

6 days - Guatemala Executive

Price per person from $ 830
Guatemala Executive package. We welcome you to the El Mundo Maya. Antigua, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan, Excursion to Santiago, Peten/Tikal Excursion.

Copan Two Days Tour

Copan Two Days Tour, one of the best preserved Mayan cities of the Maya world. It will be a supplement to their knowledge about the life of the Maya.

Tikal: Voices of the Past

Price per person from $ 400
Our 2 day tour "Tikal: Voices of the past" will take you to the splendors of Tikal along with a qualified bilingual guide.

Wonders of the Mayan World Tour

Price per person from $ 472
Wonders of the Mayan World Tour: Great opportunity to understand more about the lives of the Mayas and to have a better look at this ancient society.

Copan Full Day Tour

Copan Full Day Tour, one of the best preserved Mayan cities of the Maya world, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in an amazing state of preservation.

Mountain Biking Atitlan Special

Price per person from $ 95
Mountain Biking Atitlan Special: Experience the Lake Atitlan area to it's fullest. Mystic Mayan ruins, mountain villages, fields, farms and Volcanoes.

White Water Rafting

Price per person from $ 120
White Water Rafting in Guatemala. Coyolate river class II-III rapids. Board rafts for a full day of paddling through tropical lowland environment.

Bird Watching

Price per person from $ 69
Have a wonderful Eco-adventure Full Day Tour in the volcano cloud forest taking you through lush vegetation and abundant bird life!

Mountain Biking Antigua Valley Special

Price per person from $ 35
Mountain Biking Antigua Valley Special: The best way to know the surroundings of colonial Antigua and its three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango.

Colonial City of Antigua

Price per person from $ 145
Upon your arrival in Guatemala City one of our drivers will transfer you to the Colonial City of Antigua and takes 60 minutes approximately.

Half Day Tour in Antigua

Have a good idea of the splendor that Antigua city lived in the seventeenth and eighteenth with this Half Day Tour

Hiking Guatemala

Price per person from $ 39
Hiking Guatemala, a Cloud Forest half or full day tour. "A wonderful eco adventure, taking you through lush vegetation and abundant bird life"

Horseback Riding in Antigua

Price per person from $ 95
Horseback Riding in Antigua takes you on footpaths and trails on the slope of the Agua Volcano. Enjoy spectacular views with this Half Day Tour.

Climbing Agua Volcano

Price per person from $ 39
Climbing Agua Volcano tour in Guatemala and enjoy the majestic scenery over lunch and then descend on foot all the way to Antigua.

Climbing Active Pacaya Volcano

Price per person from $ 64
Climbing Active Pacaya Volcano in one and half hour. There are not many places in the world where you can almost step on floating lava!

Colonial Antigua Full Day Tour

Price per person from $ 99
Antigua Full Day Tour start at 8:00am, great to enjoy a wonderful landscape in this beautiful colonial city.

Splendid Tikal

Price per person from $ 355
Located only a short flight away from Guatemala City, Splendid Tikal full day tour gives you a good overview about the Mayan Splendors in Tikal.