Westin Camino Real

Guatemala City
The Hotel Westin Camino Real is among Guatemala's finest hotels. It is located in the heart of Guatemala City's "Zona Viva", the capital's hub for business, shopping and entertainment.

Hotel Atitlan

Lake Atitlan
The Hotel Atitlan is a luxury getaway in Panajachel overlooking Lake Atitlan. The hotel also includes award winning gardens and the finest cuisine in Central America!

Camino Real Tikal

Lake Peten Itza Tikal
The Hotel Camino Real is situated within the Cerro Cahui Nature Reserve and overlooking Lake Peten Itza. This is the best hotel option to explore the Mayan treasures of Tikal.

Hotel Las Farolas

Antigua Guatemala
Hotel las Farolas combines the architecture of a colonial house with a beautiful garden and is located just a 5 minutes walk from the Central Park of Antigua.

Hotel Stofella

Guatemala City
The Hotel Stofella is an excellent value in the heart of Guatemala City - a good location and the modern amenities throughout the hotel guarantee a pleasant stay.

Casa Santo Domingo

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Museo Casa Santo Domingo is Antigua's most famous hotel and provides all the comforts within and around one of the grandest monasteries of the Americas

Hotel Real Intercontinental

Guatemala City
Hotel Intercontinental is located in the Zona Viva in walking distance from malls, shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, and others, it makes an excellent base for all your Guatemala City needs.

Hotel Biltmore Express

Guatemala City
The Hotel Biltmore is located in Zona Viva the center of the business and commercial part of the city and is very close to museums, restaurants, bars and shopping malls of Guatemala City.

Camino Real Antigua

Antigua Guatemala
The Hotel Camino Real is a centrally located Colonial Hotel at only 45 minutes from Guatemala City, offering Colonial style rooms and suites.

Ramada Tikal Isla de Flores

Flores Island
Price per night from $ 110.00
The Ramada Tikal Isla de Flores hotel offers 45 comfortable rooms on the Island of Flores and next to Lake Peten Itza with some rooms having a view onto the lake.

Jungle Lodge

Tikal National Park
Price per night from $ 179
Jungle Lodge is located within the boundaries of the National Park and surrounded by the pristine rainforest in Peten and providing comfortable accommodation.

Tikal Inn

Tikal National Park
Price per night from $ 170
Tikal Inn is only a 10 minute walk to the center of the Mayan ruins and located within the boundaries of the National Park and surrounded by the pristine rain forest.

Isla de Flores

Flores Island
Hotel Isla de Flores is among the most luxurious hotels on the island. The island of Flores is a small island in the middle of the Peten-Itza lake.

El Convento

Antigua Guatemala
El Convento Boutique Hotel is a small boutique hotel in the heart of Antigua offering the attention and the comfort of an international first class hotel.

Cacique Inn

Hotel Cacique Inn is located two streets away from the main street and a comfortable 3 star hotel in Panajachel which has a beautiful tropical garden with a big swimming pool and one of the best restaurants in town.

Porta Hotel Antigua

Antigua Guatemala
The Porta Hotel Antigua provides the finest hospitality services in an area of Antigua which is surrounded by living history, tradition and romance!