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Have Guatemala experts arrange for your vacations!

Do you want to see the best of Guatemala but don’t know where to start? Request for a custom made vacation itinerary put together by Guatemala experts! You’ll save lots of time and get the itinerary that fits best with your preferences. The travel consultants of EnjoyGuatemala listen to your ideas, make a plan that fits your budget, and arrange for your bookings.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form. This is free of charge. Please be as specific as possible about your ideas and expectations. You will receive a copy of your request through email;
  2. EnjoyGuatemala will contact you with a customized itinerary and a quote. They will fine tune the itinerary until you’re completely satisfied;
  3. If you like the offer, you’re asked to pay by credit card or wire transfer. EnjoyGuatemala will then arrange for your vacation package: hotel bookings, car rental, and anything else you’ll need;
  4. A couple of days later, EnjoyGuatemala will send you your confirmation vouchers and a detailed summary of all reservations. Upon presenting your vouchers in Guatemala, you will be recognized as a guest of EnjoyGuatemala and receive the service as indicated.


Please note

You cannot request general information here, e.g. to plan your own trip to Guatemala. This service is only for complete vacation packages (including accommodation, travel vouchers, day trip vouchers, etc.).